New Zealand Sole Distributor of  Bevco Products

New Zealand
Sole Distributor of
Bevco Products

Unlimited cold, filtered still and sparkling water

With Bevco you can instantly transform ordinary tap water into filtered, chilled sparkling water. Bevco is the most advanced professional use system available in New Zealand for the hospitality industry and is earth friendly.

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Get in touch with any questions, or visit our showroom in Grey Lynn to see a working Bevco unit.

How it Works

The Bevco cooler unit sits under your counter. It connects to your existing water supply to deliver unlimited cool sparkling water which is served through stylish taps. By using on-tap you no longer need to order, store and refrigerate still and sparkling water bottles! You save money and also help support saving our environment from plastic bottle waste. Sparkling water is sophisticated and exciting and therefore part of the customer service expected in modern restaurants and cafes around the world. As they say “a splash of sparkling water clears the coffee lover’s palate.”

Made In Italy